Yahoo Knows What Women Want

A recent study by Yahoo Advertising Solutions about how women use online channels to make purchasing decisions reinforces the core beliefs of our content specialists at the EnVeritas Group. The study, titled Connectonomics: A Needs-Based Approach to Marketing to Women Online, and found at, sought to understand which types of content are more influential on women as they make purchasing decisions. The study found that “women are most open to advertising on content channels compared with communication channels, where ads are often ignored”.

 What does this mean for advertisers and brands? Yahoo concludes that the study is important for understanding how to market to the female audience because it reveals where they turn for trusted information and advice before making purchases. The recommendations include:

 • Sponsoring editorial content allows for a more intimate connection with members of online communities.

• A more subtle approach with ads is rewarded— it is more important to be a part of, not appended to, the conversation.

• It is important to seek out new ways to participate and integrate brands because traditional display ads tend to feel disruptive.

• Volume of traffic does not guarantee engagement.

• Marketing messages should be interesting, relevant and timely.

• Marketing messages on lifestyle, specialty, and review site have three times the impact on purchase decisions compared to other online channels.

So what does it all mean? Still confused? Here’s a hint: it’s all about relevant, authentic, informative content. Women don’t mind hearing from a brand, as long as the message that they are hearing is engaging, interesting and helps inform them as they make purchasing decisions. We couldn’t agree more! We invite you to contact the EnVeritas Group today so we can discuss how you and your brand can influence purchasing decisions by engaging your audience with our proven content marketing strategies.

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