User-Focused Content and Optimization Crucial for Landing Pages

In October, several staff members from EnVeritas Group attended the Power of eMarketing Conference in Providence, Rhode Power of eMarketing ConferenceIsland. Although our team participated in a number of panels and breakout sessions, one of particular note was the panel on search landing pages.

The discussion panel included Kevin Buerger, Vice President of Client Services at Jellyfish; Jo Stumpner, PPC Marketing Director at Top Floor Technologies; and Stephen Guerra, eMail Communications Strategist at SILVERPOP.

The discussion began with the question, how can landing pages help websites? This led to some excellent points from the panelists, including Stumpner’s remark that your website should be designed for users, not for the company. She also noted that you have to continue evolving the site and do analytics to figure out what is or is not working.

The panel continued the discussion, moving on to the topic of Quality Scores for Google in relation to the landing page. Buerger noted that it’s important to have quality content, not just relevant content for the search query. In fact, Google itself lists relevant and original content as the top factor in improved Quality Scores, and the better your score, the better ad placement your site will receive in queries.

That’s what we do here at EVG. We work on user-focused content and search engine optimization to figure out the best methods for attracting and maintaining visitors to a website. By providing quality content that users find relevant and useful, you gain more returning site visitors.

When building a landing page, it’s important to choose a main, user-centered focus that will grab the visitors’ attention and keep them there, and even more so, it’s important to track your analytics to continuously improve your site.

Let us help you provide the best experience for your website users. Contact us by email at or by phone at 864-241-0779.

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