Topeka Changes Name to Google, KS

In a publicity stunt that can best be described as confused and misguided, the city of Topeka, Kansas has changed it’s name to Google.

Yep, this Google.Google Kansas

The media spectacle is an attempt to bring Google’s Fiber for Communities experiment to the city. And while the temporary name change will last only the month of March, Mayor William Bunten will likely be remembered forever as the man who has no idea what the Internet is.

Says a CNN report:

“At 79, Bill Bunten doesn’t exactly understand the Internet boom. The Topeka, Kansas, mayor has an e-mail account, he said, but his assistants take care of most of his online communications and tend to search the Web for him.

But Bunten believes so firmly that younger residents of Kansas’ capital city will benefit from faster Internet connections that he wants Topeka — which he describes as a place of many lakes and the site of a burgeoning market for animal-food research — to change its name for a month.”

Read the mayor’s official declaration of the Google name switch here.

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