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About Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is premium content that resembles the publication’s editorial, but is paid for by the sponsor and intended to promote their product through the publisher’s voice. Why is sponsored content important? Allowing another organization to publish your content can potentially give your brand’s expertise, products, or services exposure to an audience that you may not have otherwise reached.

Moreover, in terms of SEO value, in return for contributing content that contains your valuable expertise, the hosting publication provides a valuable backlink to your own blog or website. When you’re ready to promote your most recent product launch or capitalize on an accolade your organization recently received, a backlink from a credible, high-quality website can positively impact the quality score of your own site and bring in more traffic.

Benefits of EVG's Sponsored Campaign Solution
  • Increased brand awareness + authority
  • Quality backlinks + in-content links
  • High-quality content with SEO
  • Customized outreach strategy
  • Highly targeted niche and industry content

How Can My Brand Adopt a Sponsored Campaign?

Quality sponsored content is about outreach and relationships, which take time. Fortunately, this is something EVG can help you navigate. Our Licensing Team, led by Brian Kolb, is deeply entrenched in the publishing industry, and through our network of partners, we can connect your brand with high value publishers and industry influencers who are open to hosting sponsored content. Brian and his team can work with your brand to determine the best path forward for you, one that ensures you get maximum return on investment.

Additional Value Add

In addition to making the necessary connections, EVG has a full team of editorial professionals, designers, and SEO specialists who will work with your brand to ensure any content you choose to share as a sponsored content is high quality and compliant with industry best practices.

Sponsored Content is about relationships

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