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Social media is one of the most powerful tools in a brand’s marketing strategy because it’s one of the best, most effective ways to reach current and potential customers. Social media can be a huge traffic generator for your website, but it’s also a crucial communication mechanism, when it’s used intelligently. Are you posting the exact same things on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn? If so, let us help you tailor your posts for the users on each platform. A Facebook user and Twitter user are there for different reasons and expect different things from businesses they follow. It’s tricky, but we can help it all make sense!

New social platforms pop up almost daily. It can seem like a huge task to choose which ones to use, and how to stay on top of all that content. While incredibly useful to your business, social media management is a demanding job. You have to create posts on a regular schedule, generating useful and interesting content, and you also have to stay responsive to build the community. It’s not enough to be on a channel. You have to actively post, engage and be agile enough to respond to customer questions or complaints. After all, the only thing worse than not having social media is having neglected social media.

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Real Customer-Relationship Tools

Your strategy should also be different based on whether your business is focused locally or on a bigger scale: national or international. The good news is, we’ve done that, and we can help you sort it out.

EnVeritas Group can help you build your social media platforms into real customer-relationship tools. If your needs are small — posting a few times a week on Facebook — that’s what we’ll do! But for many clients, we act as their social media agency, planning monthly calendars, executing posts across channels, managing social ad campaigns and monitoring and responding to questions, comments and engagements on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

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