Press Releases

Why Do a Press Release?

The press release stands as one of the more traditional earned media generators. They’re intended for distribution to the media, alerting members of the press about an event that may be newsworthy to their readership. If your organization is seeking national press coverage for your latest product launch or wants to generate some regional media buzz about your inclusion on a Best of list, EVG can work with you to craft a customized press release to achieve this goal.

Professional Approach

Our licensing team can work with you to understand your goals and hone in on the outcomes you need from your press release. Our professional copywriters and editors make sure everything is perfect: the timing, the length, the attention-grabbing headline, the tone of voice, the riveting subject matter, and the supporting quotations.

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Once your press release is drafted and delivered to you for approval, EVG’s team can also help with distribution and amplification. Does it need to be promoted to local or regional media outlets, or does it need national or even international distribution? We can help you determine and do this. Does it need to be localized for a multilingual audience? We’ve got you covered. Do you need your release to fall on the radar of certain segment of the media, such as oil and gas, healthcare, or hospitality publications, we can work with you to do just that.

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