Content Licensing for Publishers

Licensing for Publishers

Your media brand has a strong reputation. It’s respected in your industry, and consumers trust your messaging. When you recognize another brand name in your “Best of” lists or otherwise call out the excellence of others, it matters because:

  • Your acknowledgment carries clout with consumers.
  • You’ve now added value to another brand.

When that brand chooses to promote your recognition, as these licensing examples demonstrate, you have an opportunity to create a revenue stream and ROI based on your reputation and influence by licensing badges, articles and more to the brand.

If you’re new to the concept of content licensing or your team needs more bandwidth to handle licensing reprints, award/honor badges or promotional items requests, EVG’s team can take care of it for you. We’ll reach out on your behalf and follow through to ensure individual brands are in compliance and have what they need.

You can also check out our Licensing FAQ page for additional information.

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