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PPC Advertising: Targeting and Converting Your Audience

Paid campaigns that work in tandem with other inbound efforts can make a huge impact on your customer acquisition. PPC campaigns focus heavily on ROI, and because we can get nearly instantaneous metrics on how they’re working, we continually adjust our tactics to meet your goals.

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How we manage your PPC campaigns

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Campaign building

Based on industry best practices, as well as audits of what you’re currently doing and what your competition is doing, we create campaigns from the ground up, designed to perform.

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Conversion & goal tracking

We accurately measure and report, in real time, on your campaign’s performance details. We typically provide monthly reporting that’s not just reporting. Our insights and strategic analysis will help guide future decisions.

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Regular campaign optimization

Based on what we learn daily, weekly, and monthly from our tracking, we optimize campaigns continually, considering search terms, ad copy and testing, quality score optimization and your budgetary needs.

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Competitor analysis

EVG constantly monitors what your competition is doing so that we can edge ahead, and we report this to you regularly.

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Automation and machine learning

We use Google’s constantly evolving technology to stay at the forefront of industry changes to improve ad performance.

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