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Owned, earned, and paid media —
under one roof

The best digital marketing strategy is cohesive, clear, and results-driven. What’s more, your brand’s messaging is most effective when it’s hitting on all cylinders. That’s where EVG can help. We’re the only agency in the world offering owned, earned, and paid media solutions, from content creation and localization to licensing and digital advertising.

When all three work together, you build your brand and, of course, make your business more profitable. That’s what we can help you achieve!
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Media Owned Earned and Paid

Owned Media

We speak your language

Owned media is everything that belongs to your brand. It’s your website and its content, your social media posts and accounts, your images, and your videos. In short, owned media is anything you’ve created to share the message of your brand.

In a perfect world:

  • Your website content seamlessly guides users through the buyer’s journey.
  • Your blog is updated regularly with thorough, authoritative content that reaches users at all stages of the sales funnel.
  • Your social media channels are active and engaging.
  • Your content is translated and localized for the users who consume it.
  • Everything on your website is user-focused to meet the needs of site visitors AND relies on current SEO best practices to rank well in organic search.

That’s a lot to keep up with, and it’s what EVG does best! We specialize in building a cohesive strategy and then deploying it across all avenues of your owned media. We use the industry’s best analytics tools to measure the results of our efforts, gather insights and report back to you. We then offer recommendations to stay the course or pivot. And our user-friendly dashboards keep you in the loop on how it’s going.

Earned Media

Let’s leverage your opportunities with earn media

Earned media includes any recognition or mention of your brand outside of your owned content. This includes content licensing, awards and accolades, press releases, or blogs about your product or company, and more. But how do you get your brand’s latest product or service recognized by a publisher? If you’re a publisher who recognizes products or services, how can you leverage that to bring in additional revenue?

Brian Kolb leads EVG’s licensing team, working with brands and publishers to deliver results for both. Our team can manage your reprints and content licensing for sales messaging. Want to use a great review or quote to promote a new product? We can connect you. Need logos, badges, promotional items, and other collateral branded for your event? Our team excels at this. We work on a global scale, serving such partners as Gannett and Newsweek.
If your brand has earned an accolade or won an award, we can help you promote it. If you’re a publisher who offers awards and recognizes outstanding products, we can help you generate a new revenue stream.

Make earned media work for you.