SEO and Pillow Mints

Hotels strive to offer the best, to exceed in their niche. What, then, is the best? Depending on the targeted clientele and brand identity, the best can be anything from a heated indoor pool to triple sheeted beds. A family friendly property may offer discounts for children, free meals, special promotions with local amusement parks and free cookies. Boutique hotels provide personalized, even quirky accommodations. Looking to lodge in a tree or curl up under the Australian desert? There’s a hotel for you. Luxury properties offer, well, luxury — the best of the best, from concierge service and sophisticated dining to triple-sheeted beds and freshly cut flowers.

Bells and whistles, right? It’s an effective way of ensuring the guest enjoys (and more importantly, remembers) their stay enough to book again and tell a friend. Whatever a hotel’s niche, a meticulous hotel team puts much thought and effort into providing guests with the precisely what they paid for. Whether it’s a perfectly made Belgian waffle at a deluxe continental breakfast or a personalized spa menu with herbal body wraps, all hotels are working hard to provide the best.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 4.59.26 PMThat said, if a hotel delivers the goods but can’t be found online, sales will obviously suffer. 70% of Traveler’s book online, and websites are virtual shop windows, a place to shine and inspire travelers to save their pennies for the perfect accommodations. Have the largest indoor pool in town? If no one knows that, it’s not a selling point. Hotel sites should be easily searchable. Once found, the site should sell the brand well with relevant, informational and freshly designed content.

Hotels take the time to ensure rooms are flawless, with not a sheet out of place and the mint perfectly placed on the pillow. But if the hotel’s online presence is negligible, if no sees your Miami hotel when they search for “Miami hotel,” – well, your mint has gone moldy. For potential clients to book a visit, they first need to be able to find what they’re looking for and then be hooked by a fresh, attractive and informative website.

Ensure your site is just as detail-oriented as your hotel service though effective SEO (search engine optimization) and content management. Google is a place for the best to shine. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to enhance brand awareness and build a reputation. Your online presence should be immaculate, just like your rooms, right down to the mint on the pillow.

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