The Woodlands at Furman

The Woodlands at Furman is a premier senior living community located in Upstate South Carolina, between Greenville and Travelers Rest. This lively, best-in-class community is well-known for its perfect recipe: best-in-class services, luxury amenities and gorgeous location.

“One of the best parts of living at The Woodlands at Furman is our fantastic residents. They are incredible people who are living incredible lives. We love that EVG spotlights them and shows them off."


While maintaining an outstanding reputation in the skilled nursing and assisted living segments, The Woodlands has also enjoyed success with their independent living apartments, always maintaining a 95% or higher occupancy rate.

In October, 2017, The Woodlands broke ground on 28 independent living villas with 4 spacious 3-bedroom floor plans featuring garages and luxurious design choices. The community’s leadership recognized the need to promote their growth—to better reach seniors interested in “Living the Villa Life.”

They wanted alternatives to one-size-fits-all communication strategies. They wanted content that dove deep; content that could tell the story of the community, its residents, staff, and services. Their internal team needed additional bandwidth in order to accomplish these goals, so The Woodlands engaged with EnVeritas Group, a creative content agency that’s making its presence known in the senior living space.

Listening & Strategy

EVG met with The Woodlands team in early 2018 to understand the community’s challenges, goals and how they thought the EVG team could help. After initial meetings, EVG’s team formulated a content plan that would move the needle for The Woodlands while keeping their budget in mind.

Showcasing "Special"

Showcasing “Special” The Woodland’s blog was identified as an underutilized opportunity. EVG recommended focusing on Facebook as (a) a primary distribution channel for new content creation and (b) the easiest, most cost effective way to engage with audience members directly.

Our team introduced and implemented a month-to-month content plan comprising:

  • The regular creation and publication of people-focused blog articles highlighting what it
    means to be part of The Woodlands community.
  • Easy and consistent governance of all messaging, including tone, voice and style across all
    platforms via a new content style guide.
  • A monthly editorial calendar to guide social media posts and engagement with users.
  • On-site visits by a professional photographer, as needed, to enhance the visual component
    of storytelling.
  • A plan for engaging with current residents and encouraging them to review the community
    on their Google My Business and Facebook listings.

EVG understands the demands of crafting compelling and engaging content intended for an audience who feels personally invested in a place and its people. Our commitment to storytelling allows The Woodlands to share the ever-changing story of their community.

Measuring Success

The Woodlands’ leadership team understands the importance of measuring the success of digital efforts. While results are crucial, the leadership team also believes everything they do should put their current and prospective residents first.

To that end, EVG has worked closely with The Woodlands’ team to brainstorm and develop pieces emphasizing authentic storytelling over “playing a numbers game.” The Woodlands is now recognized throughout the region for the quality and manner in which they share their brand’s story online. As for the numbers? They speak for themselves:

Performance of the News Page (blog) in 2017 and 2018:

  • Total pageviews of the News page are up
    76% over 2017, higher than the site’s overall pageview increase of 43%.
  • Average time on page increased from 56 seconds in 2017 to 1 minute and 47 seconds in 2018, or 90%.

In terms of organic search traffic, one of The Woodlands’ best-performing blogs is a piece EVG did on the Villas’ floor plans. Since posting on March 2, 2018, this article has consistently garnered views, and the average time on page is three (3) times higher than the average page on the site. People are consuming the content, which is exactly what The Woodlands wants from their blog.

On the social media front, EVG works with The Woodlands to focus on producing Facebook posts focusing on people and encouraging audience engagement. For example, a successful April 27 post contains a link to a blog article on Evan Faucette, a popular Woodlands team member. Thus far, the post has garnered 63 combined likes, shares and comments.

EVG also uses Facebook to share current news about the community. An example is an August 3 post acknowledging an award The Woodlands received from a local publication. This post has been liked, shared and commented on 61 times by The Woodlands’ Facebook audience.

Since EVG began contributing to the regular posting schedule on Facebook in February of 2018 (a period of around seven months):

  • Total page likes have increased by 21%.
  • Total page followers have increased by 22%.

Clear Communication & Transparent Expectations

EVG never wants to be viewed as “just another vendor,” happy to do our own thing in a silo and then fire off an invoice each month. One of the keys to our Woodlands’ commitment is regularly communicating and collaborating with our partners there. EVG’s team leader participates in weekly emails and bi-weekly conference calls with The Woodlands to:

  • Provide updates on content deliveries, discuss potential topics and review all content
    activities on behalf of the community.
  • Stay abreast of new things going on at the community and proactively plan for future
    content creation efforts about these events.
  • Share our monthly analysis for previously created content and recommend changes to
    improve future content.
  • Respond to any questions and provide The Woodlands’ team with the surety EVG is
    following through on our mission: to provide compelling and engaging content to meet our client’s needs.

EVG strongly believes regular communication builds strong bonds with our clients and, rather than waiting until year-end before issues are addressed, both sides can evaluate the landscape together and collaborate on necessary course corrections as soon as issues are identified. Our colleagues at The Woodlands concur:

“It has been great working with a content provider like EVG. They are quick and light on their feet and have been able to adeptly work with our Marketing and Sales team to share the story of The Woodlands at Furman.”
– Angela Hecker, Director of Sales and Marketing

Truth. Vision. Results.

Over the past seven months, the original content plan has been updated approximately a half-dozen times in order to address The Woodlands’ evolving needs. EVG’s team has provided our client with expertly written content delivering measurable results. Our work has been appreciated, and The Woodlands’ internal team is quick to share kudos as they are earned:

“We love having new content on a regular basis to help drive traffic to the site and
awareness of our services to the general public.”
— Andrea Payment, Lifestyles Director


“Having regular blog posts has been a great way to feature our offerings and provide a showcase for the wonderful things going on at The Woodlands.”
— Kimberly Shell, Health Services Sales Coordinator