Sofitel Microsites

In 2014, Sofitel and EVG partnered to offer content, SEO and localized text for Sofitel properties’ microsites.

The Client

Sofitel is one of the world’s leading luxury hotel brands and part of the Accor Groupe. EVG and Sofitel have collaborated on a variety of marketing and content-related projects since 2010.


While microsites allow for quick updates, clear positioning and an immersive experience,hotel marketing managers lack the time and web/content experience to update and optimize their mini-sites through the CMS.


EVG brings a thorough knowledge of the brand image, its style and its tone of voice to assist local teams, in the spirit of Sofitel’s global presence, with site updates to increase traffic, international bookings and search engine ranking. EVG creates, localizes and optimizes the sites, as well as provides analytics reporting and strategy.

  • SEO research as the basis for a customized optimization strategy and documented solutions: competitor study, keyword study and an analytics report.
  • Meta data improvements: Rewriting and localization based on the latest best practices and research.
  • Alt tag creation: Integration of alt tags in various languages for images on all of the main pages.
  • User experience enhancement: Special offers and general content updates, navigation bar modifications, creation of new pages and downsizing of pictures to improve upload speed.
  • Consultation on backlink strategy, interaction with users and liveliness of the mini site.

The Numbers

Based on one hotel’s analytics data:

  • 110% increase in organic traffic over six months
  • 74% increase in page views and 12% increase in session duration
  • Bounce rate decreased 17%, indicating better content and more qualitative user acquisition
  • Page load time cut in half