Christ Church Episcopal School

Christ Church Episcopal School came to EnVeritas Group because of a problem that needed a custom solution. Like many private schools, their Lower School enrollment had been decreasing and needed a boost. They came to us and expressed their concerns: a tight budget but an even tighter deadline. Microtargeting via social media with EVG was the ideal solution.

"One of the many reasons we enjoy working with EVG is their responsiveness. If we have a question or a suggestion, they listen to us and react as if they are part of our team, and that is incredibly important to us since we are a small organization."


Microtargeting fine-tunes targeting efforts and hones in on the ideal audience. Finding the best way to advertise the school was the first step. CCES and EVG’s core teams met and agreed telling family success stories was the perfect way to showcase the school’s merits. We interviewed several CCES families and then crafted those interviews into quality stories about the relatable, approachable families who attend CCES.

Next, we developed a demographic profile. Just like any other business, CCES had specific parameters for who might be interested in the school and who might not be. We worked closely with the school to learn about their families that attended. Then, we built a profile to reach others like them who would be most likely to engage with the school, but we also learned a few things about the school’s target market along the way.

We then determined where to direct web traffic. With the help of EVG, CCES was able to find the best place for content to live on the CCES website. Once everything went live, we began directing people to the website via our customized microtargeting ads on social media.

Unlike print, television or billboard ads, microtargeting allows teams to make discrete, almost real-time changes in the ad copy, images or audience. In today’s digitally driven world, immediate changes yield impressive results.


With microtargeting, teams can also tailor ads for specific audiences – or even multiple audiences. Sending ads to two different audiences was one of the key strengths of the CCES microtargeting campaign. Would parents respond equally, or would dads respond more than moms?


Initially, we chose to target males and females ages 35 and up, but we had a hunch that moms would be more likely to engage with the ad than dads. Through testing with the ad groups, digging into the demographic information, and looking at clicks and click-through rates, we gained the data to prove our theory and refocused targeting on the most engaged audience, 35 to 54 year-old females. Moreover, statistical data showed us the school had a far greater reach than they first knew. People from all over the country – and even a few from other countries – visited the site in their search for a quality private school. Specifically, the school is located near BMW’s production facility worldwide and enrolls many German Marketing and PR students as a result. Combined, this data allowed us to reconfigure certain ads to reach this extended audience more effectively.

These adjustments can only happen because microtargeting is real-time marketing. We can update images depending on the season or special event. We can test ad copy and improve performance while the ad is live. None of this is as easy – or as instant – with traditional marketing strategies.


We are content marketers at heart, and we love telling stories. At the end of a campaign, reports are what tell the story of how the ad performed, what worked, and what didn’t. EVG provides robust reporting on all microtargeting campaigns. These reports provide insight into the entire picture of how the ad performed based on what is most important to the client. Some of the most important metrics to CCES were website traffic (how many users visited the site) and reach (how many people were able to see the ads). CCES’s web traffic increased by an average of 15%, and their ads were seen by almost 75,000 people. Each ad campaign is different, and conversion metrics are uniquely tailored to the campaign based on the client’s goals.


Enrollment in a private school is not a quick decision. It takes time, research, and patience. Website traffic may see an immediate increase, but it can take months of consistent marketing for a noticeable change in inquiries. When signing up for a microtargeting campaign with EVG, we create a custom strategy based on the client’s specific goals. We create fresh content along with ads that reach the ideal audience where they are.

“As a result of our marketing efforts with EVG, we saw an increase in quality web traffic that we believe directly led to phone calls and inquiries. This school year we exceeded our Lower School enrollment goals and I believe that our partnership with EVG played a big part,” said Bryant.