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Resources for any kind topic are available online, including SEO resources.My recent Internet searches: embellishing a can of baked beans (add bacon), respectable family doctors in the area and fixing a leaky shower. I subscribe to design, cooking and travel blogs. Working on and for the Internet, I know that endless information about anything and everything is available online, including, of course, SEO. But sometimes finding answers and resources on the Internet is like trying to choose one restaurant to eat at in Paris: the amount of options can be paralyzing, which is when we might turn to a travel site that offers tips and recommendations from the travelers themselves to break down all the choices for us. How do we dig through endless options? We connect. We listen to experts. We find like-minded people.

So, what do we read for online SEO resources, the industry and our daily work? I took an unscientific survey, moving around the C3 Center asking coworkers, from project managers to editors to content marketing directors.

The results are in:

This company provides tools to effectively utilize and monitor the use of SEO. The blog covers all topics SEO-related, from business development to content generation.

2. Mashable
To quote the site itself, “Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world.” Follow Mashable on Twitter for tweets containing article links.

3. The Marketing Words Copywriting Blog
Karon Thackston, copywriter and self-publisher of three books on copywriting and SEO, writes helpful posts on effective content generation.

4. Search Engine Watch
Subscribe for updates or head to the site for search engine-related news and tips.

5. The Custom Content Council Blog
Brought to you by the Custom Content Council, an organization for marketing professionals, this blog serves as a useful collection of effective tips on content marketing. Though not web-specific, the information is useful.

6. Website Magazine
Check out the blog, and/or sign up to receive the print editions with plenty of good ideas about successful digital marketing.

7. Google Webmaster Blog 
Head here for news and posts about the Google index and site optimization.

8. LinkedIn
Join and connect with other members in SEO- and SEM-related groups, such as Digital Marketing, Search Engine Watch (the group page for Search Engine Watch listed above) and SES Conference & Expo.

9. Industry-related materials
When collaborating with clients, ask them what they read. We read SEO-related resources because that’s what we do, so ask what clients read to stay in tune with their respective industries.

Added bonus: Many of these sites include news about upcoming SEO-related events and conferences, job boards, information about online courses and links to connect via social media.

Final thoughts: When searching online for tips on how to fix a leaky shower, I found it most effective to start with the big picture, i.e. a diagram of bathtub plumbing. Doing a quick Internet search revealed that other people out “there” faced similar leak and drip problems. Further research revealed videos, how-to sites and DIY tips on repair supplies and tools to stop the drips. The above online SEO resources present an effective range of information, from broad sweeps to the details that matter. Immerse yourself in macro-researching to get the big picture, and then take advantage of the multitude of resources that provide the details we need to effectively inform ourselves about what we do. An arsenal awaits, so let’s take advantage.

Jeanne Petrizzo – Writer/Editor

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