Marketing Tactics for CVB Websites

Convention and Visitors Bureau websites must drive online traffic as well as interest potential travelers to visit their city.  The more visitors CVBs can attract to their websites, the more local businesses will see the value of being listed on the local CVB website. So, how do CVBs increase website traffic and grow their business? Having an accessible, attractive CVB website is a great start, but the CVB director of marketing should consider the use of search engine optimization and custom content as aGreenville CVB means to grow business. There are two crucial elements for any website:

  1. Getting visitors to the site
  2. Converting visitors to buy into your selling point—whether that be a destination, product or service

So, how can CVBs get visitors to their sites? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing tactic that integrates the most relevant keywords for a website’s target audience into the site’s content, meta data, images, headers, etc. After implementing SEO, a CVB website will have a high probability of being picked up in the top listings by search engines when someone is searching on a topic relevant to that particular destination, city, or local business listing. This benefits you for many reasons. One, because people are much more likely to click on an organic listing than a paid ad, and two, because showing up in the top slots in Google or any search engine shows that your content will be relevant to the users search.  Once you get people to your site (which is half the battle), your site design, layout and content serves to entertain and convince visitors to travel to your destination over others they may be considering.

How can CVBs convert visitors to their destination? CVBs have the challenge of making their city look amazing and worth visiting to those traveling for business, vacation, leisure or educational purposes.  The CVB has to meet the informational needs of all types of travelers and tourists and show them why their destination is uniquely attractive.

Upon clicking into your CVB website, it is important that people can easily navigate your website, that the site looks attractive and most importantly that the website has content that convinces potential travelers of the value of your destination.

10Best Solutions has come up with an interactive and engaging way to present CVB websites with content that will sell the destination to potential visitors.  Every city has a different appeal and a different audiences. The 10Best team of professional writers and editors is skilled in researching your various target audiences and providing custom content for your destination focusing on the highlights of your city’s local activities and attractions, shopping, nightlife, restaurants, businesses, transportation etc. We are skilled in writing destination content that will appeal to many different users. We can provide information from the point of view of a business traveler, a leisure guest or a meeting planner.  Check out the CVB page on our site, or contact us to learn more.

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