Fresh eyes: insights from training an international content team


How do you keep 13 smart, experienced, international content managers engaged for two days and teach them something they didn’t already know?

It’s a challenge we found ourselves enjoying at PayPal’s offices in Paris in early February.

The brief was clear. We had to provide a two-day training in digital copywriting for an international market, customized to the group’s needs and focusing on the latest techniques in digital marketing.

At EVG we believe you only learn by doing and sharing, so the course we developed focused heavily on practical exercises and discussions. And that was the key to success.

Participants’ contributions were insightful, intriguing, always invaluable. They brought experience from all over the world: Germany, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Israel and more.

We all know that digital marketing is not one-size-fits-all – that underlying principles have to be adapted to fit the cultural context. Calls to action that spark with French customers may leave Polish customers cold. Turkish people will respond to some features of a new product more than others. And so on. Everyone had a different – and equally valid for their country – response to the many practical exercises we covered.

And that is where the value of coming together for a two-day training lies. In discussions, sharing, doing together what we do every day, but seeing it with fresh eyes.

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Monica Guy – Director of Content Marketing EMEA


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