How’s Your Conversion Rate?

Getting potential customers to your website is one thing. Keeping them there and enticing them to book is another. The tools and strategies used to Website Conversion Rategenerate website traffic are all beneficial, but, in order to be truly successful, a website must be able to “convert” visitors, that is, to get them to buy the product or service the site is selling. We get the user to the site in a variety of ways – search engine optimization, paid advertisements, inbound links, etc., but once they’re there, how can we win their business?

1. Create an easily navigable website. Is the site user friendly? Is it clear? Can the user easily click through the pages to find what they need? A visitor should not have to learn how to navigate the site.

2. Ensure your website isn’t simply an online brochure. A site with all the bells and whistles does not necessarily result in more conversions. Websites should be used as tools to generate sales.

3. Text should be well-written with targeted niche keywords. Keep it simple, keep it concise and keep it informative. Text sells, and it is the most important aspect of the site.

4. Post good-quality, relevant photos. Hire a photographer and maximize the positive.

5. Make sure the check-process is simple and fairly quick. How difficult is it for a guest to book a room? Does the user have to email you for a reservation, or can he/she convert on the site? The easier, the better.

6. Publicize your positive feedback/reviews. Nothing says, “This is a great place to stay,” like someone actually testifying that this is a great place to stay! Numerous, consistent good reviews build trust and boost sales. Would you rather stay at a hotel in Orlando that has three reviews or one that has 103?

7. Run specials and promotions. Give you user an added incentive to stay with you and not the guys down the street. Is there a huge outdoor festival in June? Create a promotion that includes tickets and free shuttle service to the event.

Joey Hall – VP Content Marketing

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