How To Target Millennials Effectively

You’ve seen all the articles hand-wringing about which industry the destructive millennial population will kill next. From napkins to diamonds and country clubs, it seems like millennials are using the power of the purse to shut down industries left and right. So what gives? Is this demographic so hard to market to that companies are failing to reach them?


Contrary to popular belief, millennial isn’t just an umbrella term for meddling teens that need to turn down their music. The millennial demographic actually ranges from those born between 1981 and 1996, meaning many millennials are now starting families, settling into their careers, and, yes, using their purchasing power to choose which companies and products they are willing to support financially.

If you’re wondering how to safeguard your business from the elusive millennial, then audience targeting will be invaluable to you. To put it simply, audience targeting uses online data points to feed ads to a specific group of people who are likely to use your product or service. And it’s important that this targeting is happening online. Compared to other generations and demographics, millennials spend the most time online, averaging about 50 hours per month in 2016 alone.

One of the most important things in marketing is meeting your base where they are. If you want to attract millennials, you’ll have to use social media and online marketing in order to be effective. Below, you’ll find some ideas for how to attract millennials to your business.

Diversify Your Brand

If you want to engage with millennials, you’ll want to keep diversity in mind. A socially conscious generation, millennials are more likely to be drawn to brands and companies that promote something that they can believe in. Create ads and marketing materials that highlight that your company is really dedicated to including all people. It can be a thin plank to walk and even some big brands fall flat when they attempt to get too political in their advertising. That’s where it’s good to make sure that your company is actually putting your values into practice by making sure there’s some diversity behind the scenes. Different voices and experiences can help you avoid making a mistake that could backfire.

Start a Social Media Campaign

Now more than ever, people online want to feel like they’re doing something more than just sitting behind their computers or smartphones. They want to feel involved. The right social media campaign can help create that sense of community while also highlighting your brand. Take the ALS ice bucket challenge for example. This was a viral campaign that not only raised money for a good cause, it also spread just by giving people around the world something to do other than click a “retweet” or “like” button. Even if you run a small company, it’s key to consider ways you can start an online campaign that fosters a sense of community in your local area.

Connect with Online Influencers

With social media, the lines between Average Joe and celebrity are becoming much blurrier. And what’s more, millennials and the younger generation often trust those they follow online to give their genuine endorsement more so than they trust a well-known celebrity who they know is getting the big bucks for promoting a product. Finding an online influencer who supports your product or service can make a huge difference for your brand, allowing you to promote yourself online without creating a huge ad campaign.

Are you ready to create an online marketing campaign to target millennials in your area? Content marketing companies like Enveritas Group can help. Let us use years of experience to create a strategy that works for you.

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