How to Creatively Market your Business in the Recession

Is your business finding fresh ways to reach your customers during this economic recession? Businesses who are trying to do things the way they always have may be missing out on the opportunity to attract new customers in our changing economy. Now is the time for creative entrepreneurs to rise up who can find new ways to market their business and implement effective strategies to target consumers. If your company is stifled under traditional management, now is the time to work together to take the lead with new ideas on how to reach consumers in your industry and rise above your competition.

Here are some trends in the hospitality industry to consider:

  1. As the rates become more expensive for your ad campaigns and your customers are most-likely spending less money, is your business really reaching consumers through traditional advertising channels?
    It may be time to back up and conduct some research on the success of your ad campaign. Are your ads turning into conversions, are your ads reaching decision makers for your product? Do you have a successful way to measure results to determine if it is worth the investment to continue? In tight economic times, business must chose which outlets are most effective to market their services. It may be time to enter full-force in an ad-campaign, if that’s where you can best reach your audience, but it may also be time to cut back and try something fresh.
    2. Guests are looking for high-end design and valued services at an affordable price. Is your hotel’s design outdated?
    Even in the downturn, numerous luxury property hotels have invested in design to reinstate value to their hotel and attract travelers. One interesting redesign project featured in this month’s Lodging Hospitality magazine is a dual-branded hotel that is a Hampton Inn on floors 2-8 and a Homewood Suites on floors 9-13. This hotel joined together to provide value and unique design. Has your hotel considered the possibility of joining with other brands to offer something fresh and new to travelers?
    3. Can your hotel be easily found online? Does the content on your website effectively market the unique features and selling points of your property?
    It may be time to cut down on traditional advertizing and invest in organic search engine optimization (SEO). It would be even more advantageous to combine SEO with new content that can effectively market your hotel and attract visitors to book online with your property. How can you benefit from SEO? Search engine optimization is a process of integrating the best, relevant keywords into your website so that your site will rank high in search engines and be found by numerous potential customers. SEO will drive needed traffic to your site, but good content is extremely important to sell-users on your destination or service. If your site is boring or outdated, you are going to lose business. Now is the best time to update your website.

To learn more, please visit our 10Best Solutions website to see how we can help your business implement creative online strategies to market your business and gain more customers even in this economic recession.

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