Why choose us?

Are you worried about lacking the in-house expertise and resources to keep pace with the constantly evolving digital world? Does it feel like your content is drowning, or that it is failing to connect with the desired clients worldwide?

At EVG we are strong believers in creating long-term partnerships so that we don’t just get you off to a great start, but see your story through to earn the all-important lasting trust of your customers.

We have an innovative flexible editorial pod structure formed with an in-house team of content experts, experienced project managers and sharp strategists, and a vast worldwide network of hand-picked writers, journalists, translators and linguists. This gives us the agility to adapt to the size and focus of your projects, while always delivering high-end content at the cutting edge of digital marketing.

EVG Diagram

the evg pillars


Global content at scale

We can establish and mobilise large international expert teams at speed and to scale, thanks to our global presence, solid personnel recommendations, smart training, proven editorial processes and experienced in-house management.

Global Outlook


Our on-location content teams enable us to go beyond traditional translation into the realms of high quality localisation and transcreation. These forms of “cultural translation” target the varying needs of local audiences consistent with our clients’ global key messages and strategic targets.

Quality & Excellence

Quality & excellence

Our Content Lifecycle Management™ technology, bespoke style guides and customised glossaries give a stringent structure of checks and parameters to deliver consistent, quality content that meets the strategic needs of our clients.

Brand compliance

Content tailored to local audiences will always share a brand-compliant tone of voice and umbrella messages. We help the client find and define their voice by working with an existing brand guide, or by developing a new one.

We bring qualified experts to every job, to ensure any legal implications inherent to any given industry are foreseen and resolved.

Our Process



We learn your individual needs and brand, and identify your content gaps, so that we can tailor a custom-made content solutions package. The foundations for a long-term partnership are laid.


Together we create a bespoke content roadmap to reach your business destination, making sure your content is communicated in the right way and is seen by the right eyes.


We help you discover your unique voice, that will help make you consistently identifiable and rise above the noise.


A bespoke team is created from our worldwide network of experts to deliver high-end content that is on brief, on strategy, on brand and on time.

Quality control

Our stringent layers of checks and balances give you touch points to revise and feedback on content throughout the process, so the final outcome is nothing less than you expected.

Delivery and continuity

Our work is collaborative and our partnerships are long-term. Our ultimate aim is not only to create great content, but to manage it strategically, so that we can help you stay on top of the content game not just now, but in the future.


Your on-brand business message connects with its target audience at a primal level, resulting in trust, loyalty and conversions.