The Right Audience

Social media is a powerful platform for brands interested in building communities of brand ambassadors and loyal consumers. But how do you find that audience? And how do you know your message is being heard? Microtargeting drives measurable results to give your organization the data needed to build successful marketing initiatives.

Microtargeting campaigns deliver engaging ads to specific audience demographics based on location, behaviors and interests. In other words, we can deliver the right content to your best prospects.

Smart Content

Once your audience has been determined, EVG can then create smart content that supports your message and drives measurable results. This new content can take a variety of customizable forms:

  • A new landing page with a specific call-to-action.
  • A microsite asking participants to take a survey.
  • A long-form story integrated into a section of your website.

In addition to crafting the content, EVG team’s designs digital ads that get noticed and drive clicks. From teasing out smart copy to choosing effective imagery, the ads work hand-in-hand with the new content. The results drive engagement, raise brand awareness or meet another KPI determined by the client.

Measurable Results

We know it isn’t enough to simply post an ad on social media and sit back, waiting for results. The EVG team monitors and measures the results of each campaign on a day-by-day and week-by-week basis. Paying careful attention to the numbers, we analyze and adjust as needed to ensure you see the best results possible. And since EVG believes in transparency, we share that data with you as we work together to refine and improve the campaign throughout its lifespan.

Let EVG develop a microtargeting campaign for you so you can do what you do best.



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