If you follow me on LinkedIn, you know that I make efforts to call out amazing moments whenever they happen. This one blew me away.

I was on my laptop at my local Chick-fil-A (in Knoxville) on Monday morning working. We had some virtual meetings, and I was catching up on email. The place was hopping when I watched the owner/operator walk into the restaurant.

He took the time and energy–immediately–to greet every single employee by their first name. The team was crazy busy, the breakfast rush underway, and I watched him make his greetings and then jump on a register to take orders. When the rush was complete, he made sure a number of employees took a break.

And then he went by every table, sat with each on-break employee and asked about them. He asked about their families. He had meaningful conversations. He was engaged. He didn’t have his mobile out. He wasn’t distracted.

And then? Swear it: He grabbed the janitorial cart and cleaned the men’s restroom. That is a service leader.


Michael Holtzclaw – Chief Strategy Officer

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