As a creative director who traces her roots to the advertising industry, it was a common practice for my department to first design an advertisement or brochure and worry about the content later. We would show our beautiful layouts to the client for approval and the copy would be “Greeked-In,” lorem ipsum dolor, based on the prevailing thought that no one actually reads the copy anyway.

I have quickly learned that in the digital world, content comes first and design follows. When people search on the Internet, they are looking for meaningful content that solves some kind of problem, whether it’s an answer to a question, directions to a business or a review about a new restaurant. Unfortunately, many companies are still adhering to the old paradigm and creating beautiful wire frames only to look around the table after they’ve been approved to identify who is actually going to write all the content to fill the website.

At EnVeritas Group, we compare the process to building a house. With a good blueprint, you can build your dream house. With a good content strategy you can build a better business. Instead of picking out fabulous furniture and exquisite artwork before your house is even framed, start by thinking about the architecture of your content and how it can best be constructed to solve the problems your prospects are searching for when they visit your site.

Next, consider the interests of your prospects and customers as you fill your site with content. What types of content can help build a better relationship with your brand and business? Finally, carefully craft the content to their interests and lifestyles. If you’re a marketing director for an engineering firm, the voice and tone of your content may be educational and authoritative. However, if you’re a marketing director for an online jewelry retailer, the voice may be friendly and sociable.

Once you’ve implemented your strategy and crafted original, engaging and relevant content, then start designing the website. If you would like to learn more about the innovative strategies we offer to build business, please contact us by phone at 864.241.0779 or email at [email protected].

Christa Sorauf
EVG Creative Director

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