Which Ad Extensions Should You Be Using on Your Google Ads?

Ad extensions in Google Ads allow your ad to take up more physical space on the screen while giving users more information about your products or services and allowing them to easily reach out to you. Utilizing a variety of ad extensions to accompany your ads can increase your click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CVR). So, which ad extensions should you be using on your Google Ads? Consider these.screenshot of Google Ad with Call Extension and Sitelink Extensions

Call Extensions

Call extensions show your business’s phone number and allow users to click the link to call you immediately. This is an easy way to connect with users interested in your services and get conversions quickly without the time delay that usually comes with form fills on your website. You can adjust the settings on this conversion to only count calls that meet a threshold you designate (for example, calls longer than 30 seconds).

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions do exactly what you would think – they link users to additional pages of your website with a relevant title and description of that page. They can appear with just the title and link on mobile or with their accompanying descriptions on desktop.

Callout Extensions

Callout extensions are short phrases that highlight special features of your company or unique selling points.

Screenshot of a Google Ad with Location Extension, Callout Extensions, and Sitelink Extensions

Location Extensions

Location extensions connect to your Google My Business listing so that users can click to get directions to your location. This allows a seamless transition from an online search to an in-person visit.

Structured Snippets

Structured snippets are lists with a designated heading like “Service Catalog, Models, Amenities, Brands, Courses, Destinations, Shows, etc.”.

Screenshot of a Google Ad with a structured snippet extension

Lead Form Extensions

Lead form extensions allow users to complete a form right there in the Google search rather than going to your site. You must have a privacy policy published on your website in order to use this extension to prevent abuse of the data you collect in your lead form extension.

Utilizing these extensions on your Google Ads not only provides useful information to users but makes your ads more prominent on the screen by taking up more visual space and allows users to more easily connect with you directly. Using them appropriately can increase your ad performance and provide a better experience for your users. If you need help setting up your Google Ads or auditing and improving your existing Google Ads, reach out to EVG and we can help!

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