ClickZ just reported that, as part of its comeback strategy, AOL is instituting new guidelines with advertisers designed to reduce on-screen clutter and improve the impact of advertisements by enhancing their size, presence and quality. Sounds good.

We were especially intrigued by something else ClickZ ascribed to AOL’s new attitude, taken from information on the latter’s advertising-focused site: “We believe that content is the most important part of the Internet, and should be treated that way. We believe that advertising is content too, and should be held to equally high standards. Above all, we believe the Internet should be a more engaging, useful and beautiful place.”

Rather than say we told you so, we’ll congratulate an industry influencer for stating what we’ve believed all along—what is practically the EnVeritas corporate slogan: it’s all about content. The web’s novelty factor is over; its convenience has come to be taken for granted; and even the newest user quickly notices how much garbage is out there.AOL

Even if he or she doesn’t know it, today’s user is looking for relevant, authentic content that addresses a real need—everything from listings and shopping to high-quality entertainment and journalism. Providers who offer that quality content become sought-after brands—that are visited daily, shared with trusted friends and receive tremendous traffic.

Proper branding, via legitimate, entertaining, relevant and desired content, creates brand loyalties that last a lifetime. When your brand connects emotionally with consumers, your competitors can almost never win them over. More alarmingly, when your brand throws irrelevant, inauthentic content at consumers, you lose them—once again, probably for life. EnVeritas content starts with your target consumer, anywhere in the world.

Our global network of journalists and expert content writers live on the pulse of—and literally within—the target markets, know what the real buzz is, how their consumers think, what people are hungry for. They create content that consumers want to read and experience, then pass on to friends and colleagues. Next thing you know you’ve gone viral and generated brand loyalty. Consumers trust the content and trust the advertising that’s next to it—or within it. And advertisers know exactly who is seeing them as those same consumers return to trusted, engaging content—day after day, time and time again.

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