They Clicked, Now What?

In this financial downturn, you may be asking: How can my website get more online bookings? How do I attract users to my site? One of the major travel website bookinganswers to these questions is through well-written, optimized content. Part of the SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, process is that your website is rewritten with the search habits and keywords of your target-audience integrated into the site. SEO can drive the initial traffic to your site, but once a potential customer clicks—how can your website convert users to consumers?

Well-written, easy-to-navigate site content will keep users interested and lead them to make sales.
Engaging content makes your product accessible and helps build loyalty to your brand. For example, if you have a hotel that is targeting families who are traveling to your city, it is not enough to say you have a family friendly hotel. Well-written site content will show and tell the details about your hotel—it will tell about the restaurant where kids eat free, your pool with a lifeguard, and your free babysitting service. Let your site content inform how your service will meet your potential customers’ travel needs and wants and invite them into experiencing your destination.

Furthermore, quality site content is instructive. It will direct those searching to the types of rooms that would best suit their needs. SEO must be combined with well-written content to not only get customers to click into your site, but to provide exactly the information they need once they get there.

Some informative ways to present content:

  • Easy-to-read lists with clickable links (let people chose what they want to know more about—direct them there)
  • Internal links—makes your site easy to navigate
  • Photos with clear captions—can make captions clickable for further navigation

This type of easy usability allows the reader to find what they want—and fast! Well-written content that is optimized for search can directly affect the amount of conversions on your site.

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