The Growing Need for 3D Imagery

When my husband and I embarked on our out-of-state, online apartment search last year, we narrowed our initial results down by price point and location. But even with these two filters, we still found ourselves with at least a half-dozen options that fit the bill while offering similar amenities.

So we did what any information-seeking consumer would do: we spent more time on those six properties’ websites and automatically nixed places with limited images, outdated photos or missing floor plans, knowing we didn’t have time to visit for an updated look. And bHotel 3D imageefore we knew it, our six choices were down to two.

Every day your potential customers are doing the exact same thing, and if you want your product to outlast this final research stage, you need attention-grabbing, informative and honest content to keep you leading the pack.  As my search experience proves, in addition to solid and engaging product descriptions, trustworthy reviews and buzzing social outlets, sites need high-quality visuals that not only impress but inform consumers.

At EVG, we understand the necessity of high-quality website imagery, which is why we were eager to help a large European hotel chain when they challenged us in assisting them with selling and marketing their meeting facilities online. In order to set them apart from their competition (which mainly relies on 2D images), we recommended and, in the end, created engaging, interactive 3D images. These 3D images give busy meeting organizers a way to visualize the space and its varying configurations without ever leaving their desks. Additionally, our client’s 3D images are unique, licensed and cannot be found elsewhere on the web, making the images a great way to secure targeted traffic if they are correctly tagged.


3D Image meeting roomsThe goal here is the same as when we create editorial material for our customers: providing distinct, high-quality content that drives well-targeted traffic to grow the overall conversion rates. We believe 3D imagery will become an online standard for those in the hospitality and real estate industries.

We’re in an era when just having content is no longer enough to win ZMOT. Your website now must be more informative and more engaging than your competitor’s. Using 3D imagery can help you get that upper hand.

Faith Jones – Project Manager

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