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If you’re one of nearly six million Americans who used to tune in every Thursday night to catch the latest

Just Tell Me What You Want: Voice Search

Cell phones started as a way to talk to someone without being tied to a landline. WOW, I can call

How Voice Search Impacts SEO

Are you a facts junkie? If you’re like me, you find yourself diving down knowledge-gathering rabbit holes. Say you’re on

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Imagine you have a shop selling coffee cups. It’s a neatly arranged store and products are easy to find, with

Readability: 15 Keys to Readable Content

It’s one thing to write great content, it’s another thing entirely to make sure that your audience reads and understands

Duplicate Content Problems

  In my field, I hear a lot of talk about duplicate content. Will Google penalize for it? How should

Fix Your Site By Fixing Long URLs

You’ve probably been on a shopping website and wanted to copy and paste the URL of a really great item.

Google Knows My Birthday (And Yours Too)

With respect to digital-age privacy concerns, many of us walk the line between blissfully unaware and full-on Doomsday Prepper. But

Writing Title Tags

Title tags are an important factor in where and how your page ranks in search. They’re not so important that

Google Changes the SEO Landscape, Again

Google Changes the SEO Landscape, Again

Those concerned with Google search, SEO and keywords are in an uproar today. Facebook, Twitter, and websites like Search Engine