Social Media Marketing for Business Is No Longer Optional

Social media marketing is not a luxury, for businesses it’s a necessity.

To compete for business in the digital age, you must have an effective social media strategy. When Instagram’s 600+ million users share 80 million photos each day, are they looking at your products or offerings? Are the 135 million active Pinterest users planning to make a purchase by pinning images from your website? Is 22% of the world’s population, the 1.55 billion Facebook users, commenting and liking your posts? Do you know the difference between Snapchat and WeChat?

Do you have a social media strategy? Without one, your efforts will fail.

The Right Platform

The key to an effective social media plan is to be on the right platform sharing the right content with the right audience. Social media isn’t a single entity. What works on Snapchat isn’t effective on Facebook. WeChat users’ expectations are significantly different from Pinterest’s Pinners. Is Tumblr still relevant? How are your videos doing on YouTube? Do you know where your audience is and where they’re consuming? Are you preaching at them or conversing with them?

If you’ve ventured into the digital social world, but you aren’t seeing results, growing the size of your community or tracking an increase in sales, then your social media plan is failing and you need expert help. Because pinning, posting, gramming, snapping and tweeting shouldn’t be assigned to an entry-level employee or an afterthought for your marketing team. Successful social media accounts demand a precise strategic vision, management skills worthy of a diplomat, images from a visionary and content from a master wordsmith.

The Right Message

Creating social content to serve your brand’s mission, support corporate goals and resonate with consumers requires more than technical know-how. It means creating conversations rather than shouting a one-note, self-focused message. It demands putting the customer experience first instead of pushing out yet another ad.

Breaking old habits and embracing new paradigms is critical for effective social media marketing. If you have questions, if you need help, or if you realize your social media-marketing plan requires full-time support from experts, give EnVeritas Group a call.

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