Rewarded Efforts: Social Media Affects Search Rankings

weightsIf I’m going to the gym, I want my time there to be worth it. I could show up and tinker with the machines or do a couple of arm curls with a dumbbell (moderately sized). Or I could be smart about it and ask a personal trainer to help me figure out the best plan and most effective workout. I’d also like to know that my efforts will produce results. Will I still be a gelatinous mass in six months? Gee, I sure hope not.

Likewise, your company can dabble in social media. Make a page and gain a few followers. Or you can really give it a go and make it worth your effort because active social media engagement boosts search engine rankings and being more visible in search typically falls somewhere in the top five digital objectives for any organization.

For starters, take a look at this handy infographic over at Mediabistro that indicates a lack of social activity will result in a stagnant (and even a bit of a loss of) ranking. Just like exercise (and most other things in life that are worth the effort).

OK, now for another infographic (okay, I like infographics). This one is a little stale on the design side, but the information is relevant. Notice the time: your content is indexed in two seconds, as opposed to two hours, simply because you tweeted a link.

In a nutshell, your social media participation and online presence are not in vain, but don’t take them for granted. Stay active and purposeful in your posts, and don’t settle for just having a bunch of followers.  Engage in several outlets, and contribute meaningful content that sets you apart as a thought leader in your industry. Oh, and how about one last infographic? Especially note the top section relating to social media, but really the whole chart is full of interesting stats and information about the kinds of factors that return good rankings.

For your sake, I compiled links to EnVeritas Group’s informative posts covering a variety of social media outlets. Boost those rankings!

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