Optimizing Your New Twitter Profile

If you’ve heard one thing about the new Twitter profiles, it’s probably that the new options look eerily like Facebook. True, elements such as the larger header image may make you wonder if you signed into the correct social media account. But the (literally) big additions help you highlight what’s important about your brand.

Take a look at these new features:

1. Larger header photos

Treat this 1500×500 pixel image like a billboard that welcomes followers with a vivid image of your company and your story. Keep in mind that Twitter will auto-resize smaller images and that mobile app users will see a re-arranged version of the profile images. Be sure to revisit your avatar and background image settings to ensure the entire profile has unified design, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

Larger Twitter Header Image

2. Larger Tweets

Instead of sifting through numbers to see which tweet is enjoying the most love, simply scroll through your feed to find the largest post. Those posts with the most favorites, re-tweets and replies now appear in a bigger font.

large tweets from content marketing institute

3. Pinned Tweets

Have something important to say? Want to make sure a popular tweet gets even more engagement? Pin it and send that post to rest at the top of your page. But always pin with purpose, and make sure you keep your pinned posts up to date.

These new features give you more visual options for improving brand awareness as you continue the tried and true Twitter practices: write powerful content, encourage followers with calls-to-action and share the Twitter love with re-tweets, favorites and engaging responses.

While you’re updating your new profile image, take a moment to refresh other elements, such as your biography. Are you making the most effective use of those 160 characters? Have you optimized your eye-catching Twitter bio with a keyword or two?

When your optimization is complete, take these bigger, better features for a test run and come say “hi” to EVG on Twitter.

Harvin Bedenbaugh – Content Writer & Editor


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