The EnVeritas team is back from the AHAA (Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies) Annual Conference in Miami, and in addition to the usual conference grab bag full of flyers, key chains and USB sticks, we are bringing a ton of great information back to Greenville.

Natural Selection was the theme of the conference and best illustrated by cross-cultural rapper Pitbull, a Cuban-American Miami native, who has sold millions of albums by creating his own unique blend of urban music with a Spanish/English language fusion that is part Reggaeton, part  hip hop, all Miami and completely unique.

During a Thursday morning interview with Sony Music’s Ruben Leyva, Pitbull offered his thoughts on how he was able to market his music to both the Spanish language Miami Latino market as well as the mainstream US English language hip-hop market, and how that unique approach led to success across genres in the US, as well as global success in Latin America and Europe.

Pitbull’s message was simple and relevant: authenticity rules. The USA in 2010 is becomingly increasingly difficult to place in categories. “Black” and “White”, “Latino” and “Mainstream”, even “Spanish” and “English”, have all grown difficult to define and isolate. Pitbull’s solution? Produce quality content that everyone recognizes as entertaining, mix in a balance of English and Spanish language that authentically reflects the Latino community in the year 2010, and sell it across cultures and markets, It isn’t a formula that came from Madison Avenue; it is an authentic voice that reflects the reality of a demographic.

What is the takeaway for content marketing? Authentic, quality, entertaining content rules, and is the single most important aspect of building a great idea or product into a global brand. Great content can be universally appealing across cultures, but the message has to be presented to in an authentic localized manner (read: not manufactured and NOT translated). It’s a model our global team of writers and editors has been preaching for years.


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