Join the Crowd for Better Content

Juxtaposing outsourcing and crowdsourcing in his 2006 article for WIRED magazine, Jeff Howe coined the term for crowdsourcing by discussing how an early photo sharing website, iStockphoto, capitalized on this idea and put the common stock photographer out of business. No longer are stock photos outsourced to photographers when you can purchase the photo for a $1 from the crowd on iStockphoto.

Wikipedia, a major user of crowdsourcing with a community of editors and contributors, define crowdsourcing as a “distributed problem-solving and production model…. problems are broadcast to an unknown group of solvers in the form of an open call for solutions.” Some of the major advantages of crowdsourcing include the way problems can be solved quickly and more cost effectively, the organization is able to utilize a broader talent base than already available, and the organization is able to build a type of symbiotic relationship with potential clients and consumers.

However, crowdsourcing is not limited just to the internet. In 2011, the idea of crowdsourcing was used famously in advertisement on the most televised event of the year. Doritos ran the “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign where fans could create their own advertisements for a chance to win prestige, $25,000 and a trip to the big game.

Even though critics of crowdsourcing often point to the lack of a written contract with participants, the difficulty of collaborating work among a large pool of participants or the potential for additional cost to bring the project to a conclusion – crowdsourcing is growing in popularity.

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