Did you know that some 161 million US Internet users tuned in to watch more than 25 billion videos online last month? According to ComScore, Google led the pack of online video content properties by serving up more than 10 billion video views in the month of August, or about 40% of the total share.

Microsoft came in a distant second with around 500,000 views and the hits drop from there to Viacom, Hulu, Yahoo!, Disney, etc.

Online video has become a wildly popular Internet activity. Just under 82% of the entire US Internet audience viewed online video last month. An average viewer watched 582 minutes of online video, or 9.7 hours.

As users dedicate more time to online video, marketers have to take note and begin applying video techniques to any online strategy. Try this:

1. Add a video tour of your property to your site and YouTube

2. Start a YouTube channel and post frequent video updates and advertisements

3. Create quick and affordable low-budget Internet ads to post on YouTube. The funnier, the better.

And in case you haven’t caught it yet, here are the 100 Most Memorable YouTube Moments (in a 4-minute musical montage).

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