Imagining in a Digital World: Digital Imaging and Management

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Our world has an increasing obsession with visual media. Every day, Instagram users upload over 300 million photos via Facebook, and in September, the photo-driven social website Pinterest was one of the top 50 U.S. sites on the web. The power of the picture is growing. People don’t want to just hear about what you are doing. They want to see it. They want to experience it with you.

Businesses recognize that showcasing products visually is important and may actually invest in high-quality photographs. However, few know how to diversify these photos for different platforms. They don’t know they can use the photos as a means of getting new unique visitors to their site. And many aren’t aware that they need a standard and policy in place for these images in order to protect their brand. This is why digital imaging and asset management are essential.

In fact, the right imaging and asset management system should help you maintain a consistent brand message across multiple platforms while saving you significant time and money in advertising agency fees and mark-ups, photographer’s royalty and usage fees, talent fees and production fees.

Digital Imaging Services

The truth is people don’t want to imagine in a digital world. Car buyers in California want to see images from the PCH, not the Autobahn. Consumers need to experience your product in their own environment. You can help them do this with the assistance of digital imaging and asset management.

To learn more about how this service can help your business, contact EVG. We’re excited to share all the possibilities and opportunities a digital imaging and asset management system can provide.

Faith Jones – Project Manager

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