Some of you may be wondering “why should I invest in SEO,” or “how could SEO improve my website?” Well here are some quick SEO hints.

1.  If your website doesn’t have much written content, it will be difficult to find online and won’t convince people to buy your services. With too little content, you will not be able to integrate the keywords needed to be picked up by search engines.

2. Many people will find your site by typing in search phrases to a search engine–does your site incorporate popular search phrases?
Take a look at your current website copy to see if you have any ‘searchable phrases’ on your site. Keywords that are tied to your location, type of business, local attraction and type of audience are critical for good SEO.

How to properly integrate goodSEO:

    1. Once you have identified the best keywords from Google Keyword Tool, you can begin to integrate those into your website copy. Don’t overuse these keywords, but try to create interesting text with a natural flow. Try to have one primary keyword per page and incorporate it 3 or more times in that page. Also include secondary keywords and incorporate those more than once. Choose different primary and secondary keywords for each page.
    2. Your header text will be in <h1> tags which tells the search engine what is most important on that page. Make sure to include your primary keywords in your <h1> tag.
    3. Incorporate the same keywords that you used on each page into your Meta data, Image Alt tags, make image captions that have keyword phrases.
    4. Once you have done all this, your site is going to be optimized for search and should improve in search engine rankings.
  1. Consult an SEO agency
    1. The SEO process can be self-executed through free keyword tools, but it is best accomplished through a more complex process of paid research tools, a more comprehensive understanding of the technological capabilities of a webpage, competitor analysis, ability to track and evaluate the best keywords and how it is bringing conversion to your website, etc. While an in-house remedy might make your site better than it was, it probably won’t really get the SEO results you want.
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