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The Content Style Guide: What, Who, When
The Style Guide is a vital document that helps to steer the direction of the content of your company’s website. It should do more than just delineate color choices, image sizes and page layout; it should serve as the resource document for all questions coming from those folks responsible for creating or curating content for your website.

It’s important to understand what a Content Style Guide is and how it differs from a Style Guide created by designers.

It’s also valuable to understand who should be developing and using your company’s Style Guide. If no one’s in charge or no one is using it, it won’t serve as a valuable resource for your organization.

Lastly, the Style Guide should be seen as a living/working document that is regularly updated and easily distributed.

If you would like to learn more about how to create a digital Style Guide for your organization, please call us at 864.241.0779 or email [email protected].

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