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Is a Content Style Guide Just for Grammar Nerds?
A Content Style Guide is more than just an ivory tower document steering writers away from using hyphens when they should be using dashes and elucidating the mysteries of the comma splice. Rather, it’s a working document that should be organized, clearly written and easy to use for anyone responsible for inputting content—images, videos or text—onto a site, be they grammar nerd or otherwise.

The Style Guide should have headers, short paragraphs, a scannable format and should use lots of “real world” examples from the site content. It serves as the unifying “play book” for what should be displayed on the site and how that content should be presented.

It can provide guidelines for SEO, meta data, photo captions, alt text, content tone, formatting of both images and text and the list goes on.  Researchers, writers, editors and marketers should all have access to and regularly use the Style Guide.

It’s important to note that someone should be given the role of “Style Guide Chief” and should be responsible for making updates, distributing new copies and vetting what makes it into the Style Guide. Otherwise, the document will become a relic, either underused or over managed.

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