5 Guest Blogging Basics

Guest Blogging Basics
Finding new ideas can be exhausting

As a blog moderator, maintaining your blog can be both rewarding and frustrating. You have a list of topics you want to cover, a definite audience in mind, and a schedule for each post. But even with a set list of topics, writing blog posts can be frustrating when you feel as if you are saying the same things over and over. And—let’s face it—your readers are probably getting tired of your repeated clever anecdotes.  A great solution to writer’s block is guest blogging.

Benefits of guest blogging
Guest blogging gives your blog a unique outlook and keeps your content fresh while lending some credibility to your blog. A new perspective can also draw in a new audience to your blog or site.

Guest blogging = link building
Let’s not overlook the major benefits guest blogging is guaranteed to have on your link building efforts.  The guest blogger will definitely want to share a link to your blog on his or her blog, creating a strong, credible link. Building a relationship with another blogger can yield future benefits as well, since relationships are the best sources for reliable links. Guest blogging relationships are not one-way streets, and you should be prepared to return the favor.

Set some boundaries
You may be hesitant to allow someone else to post on your blog. Especially if you are Type A, like me, allowing someone to take control of something you have painstakingly built can be nerve racking.  Lay out some guidelines for a guest blogger not only for your peace of mind but also for maintaining the persona your blog has already built.

Limit links
A word-count limit is something one always thinks to include in guidelines, but a link limit? While you certainly want to allow the guest blogger to link back to his or her site, make sure the number of external links in one blog post is not more than four or five. You don’t want your readers to have to dig through irrelevant URLs in order to read the post. Check each link for relevancy and value, and send anything back that looks suspicious. If a link looks natural to a human it will look natural to a search engine.

Be picky about authors
While a fresh voice on your blog is something desirable, don’t be scared to say no to a submission for guest blogging either. Evaluate each submission on the following points:

  • Does it grab my attention?
  • Is it relevant to my blog?
  • Does it add value to my blog?

Ultimately, any post reflects directly on you or your company, and you want to evaluate every post in that light. Guest blogging is fantastic for link building relationships and giving your blog a breath of new life, but make sure you are maintaining your bottom line.

Autumn Nicholson – Project Manager

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