E-Newsletters are Back in StyleWith the current hype for companies to get involved on social media sites like facebook, twitt

With the current hype for companies to get involved on social media sites like facebook, twitter, flickr and other interactive websites, traditional methods of connecting with customers can become overlooked. Studies show that e-newsletters and emails are cost-effective marketing tools. Reaching customers through their email inbox is coming back ‘in-style,’ so to speak. According to Business Week, e-newsletters are going to be a bigger focus this year. Companies (like Yelp) have found that putting time into their newsletter has resulted in increased revenue more than many of their other efforts. Producing and sending out a newsletter is a cost-effective marketing tool—especially in this economy where marketing budgets are tight.

The following Statistics from emarketer show that sending out emails influences the buying habits of customers as well as enhances your company reputation. (Keep in mind–these results are based on permission-based emails). These statistics are noteworthy and hopefully can be of value for your business.

  • 92% of people who receive travel-related e-mail think it is a great way to learn about new products and offerings
  • 63% of email users in the travel industry are more likely to buy from a company that connects with them through email
  • 40% of consumers say that receiving an email from a company makes a future purchases more likely

To ensure your emails/ e-newsletters reach permission-base status with your potential customers, do not simply try to sell your product or service. Provide interesting and even entertaining information to reach a target audience. As most of us experience the flood of emails in our inbox, take into consideration how much people are actually going to want to read/ prioritize content as to not be too verbose.

Good luck with your newsletters! Let us know about your successes.  If you would like to sign up for the 10Best Solutions Newsletter: Hospitality Technology Solutions, please click here.

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