For many of us, “the job” is one of the primary things that define who we are. But how many of us can, in turn, define how our jobs help meet the core goals of our company? Recently, Brice Bay, CEO of EnVeritas Group, met with the Content Creation team at our C3 (Custom Content Creation) Center and challenged us to define what EVG—and by extension the crew—does for our clients.

Intimidating? Uncomfortable? You bet.Dean Wormer, Animal House

We squirmed like Deltas standing in front of Dean Wormer’s desk as he asked, “Have you boys seen your grade point averages yet?” On the surface it seems like a fairly simple question, but the answers were not so simple. And that’s exactly what Brice anticipated.

As head of EVG, it’s Brice’s job to think about this fundamental question in order to grow the company. Our in-house staff possesses a wide variety of job titles that reflect all the different client-centered tasks that we do over the course of a project. When deadlines loom, there’s seldom time to think about the bigger picture and how each and every piece fits into and contributes to what EVG does. But Brice rectified that by taking our answers and expanding on them in an elegant, succinct statement of purpose:

At EnVeritas Group, our purpose is to ensure that our clients win their Zero Moment of Truth by providing the best content marketing worldwide supported by outstanding customer service.ZMOT

It was the proverbial light bulb moment, a “zero moment of truth” if you will. Because each project is unique, few of us perform the same tasks every single day, let alone the same tasks as our office mates. Brice clearly and precisely defined why everything we do matters to our clients and to EVG. Equally important, he gave us a tool that enables us to understand how all the bits and parts of our jobs are critical to the success of our clients and EVG. Clearly seeing how you and your daily to-do lists meet the overarching goals of the company: that’s a rare moment in today’s business world.

It is incredibly empowering to hear our CEO acknowledge that each of us is integral to winning that decision moment. It also frames a question that holds all of us accountable: how did we help our clients win their Zero Moment of Truth today? Whether you ask Joey, Faith or Josh, each one of us can tell you exactly what we did today to support EVG and help a specific client win that pivotal moment.

When you win that moment, as a company, it starts a chain reaction and momentum that will lead to the next winning moment. When you win that moment with your employees, you’re onto something big.

So ask us how and what we’re doing to win the ZMOT today. We know, and we’re eager share our answers with you (and Brice, the next time he asks). What is your company doing right now to win the Zero Moment of Truth with your customers? If you can’t answer that, contact EVG and let us help you find the answer.

Kathleen Gossman
EVG Project Manager

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