Creating Brand Awareness for your Hospital Before the Patient Needs Help

In today’s ultra competitive healthcare market, patients have far more choices to reach out to when something goes wrong. For example, if your mom breaks her hip, you more than likely don’t have a preference (read as: brand loyalty) about where to take her.

In fact, what do you do first? Google it, right?

Search impact on hospitals

The key, then, if you’re spearheading your hospital’s marketing efforts, is making sure you’re maximizing any available opportunities to remain top of mind in your community.

A good marketing strategy coupled with quality, engaging content is a great way to grow your reach, increase brand loyalty and even to establish your hospital’s expertise. Here are a few tips that may help.Healthcare Google Search


  1. Website first! The Internet allows patients to research symptoms prior to seeking help. Does your hospital’s website come up within the top 5 spots on Google for the services you offer? Short, easy-to-read summaries of services, symptoms and treatments with effective use of keywords are great ways to broaden your hospital website’s reach and strengthen its visibility.
  2. Images and video are fast, efficient ways to explain what’s going on in a patient’s body as well as how it’s treated. Infographics on Pinterest are also terrific for building brand awareness.
  3. Use Social Media to share your services and strengthen brand awareness. People spend tons of time on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social channels, so engage them with regular updates and interesting content that remind them why they benefit from picking your hospital.
  4. Be the expert! By highlighting your doctor’s expertise in blog posts, your hospital not only creates awareness but establishes itself as the “go-to” place for certain procedures.

Creating brand awareness via quality content in the various touch points is an ongoing strategic process. Content gets stale and needs to be refreshed regularly, a monumental task but one that pays off by strengthening your hospital’s reputation.

How healthy is your content?
How healthy is your content?

The bandwidth issue
Content marketing in the digital age requires nimbleness, as the faster/more timely your hospital gets information published, the better your chances are of staying top-of-mind before a healthcare need arises and the faster it will be indexed by search engines. More than likely, though, your hospital doesn’t have the bandwidth (personnel or time) to write, curate and evaluate all of the content it needs to produce. If this is the case for you, hiring a company with professional medical writers is an efficient solution that can result in large quantities of quality content being added to your site over a short period of time and, ultimately, more patients walking through your front door.


Will KellettSenior VP Business Development

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