Content Marketing Case Study:

Content Marketing Case Study


  • Cheap was redesigning their website and needed a content expert that could help optimize their site
  • Review existing website and new wireframes to identify which content could be  repurposed and what new content needed to be created
  • Develop consistent process for writing and formatting large volumes of content
  • Research and curate unique information gathered by travel agents


  • EVG developed a custom CMS and proprietary processes that allowed our content  team to mirror the active database
  • Developed a detailed Style Guide to instruct writers on Cheap Caribbean’s unique tone and style
  • Created rubric to fact check over 500 hotels, as well as to properly tag and sort hotels for online searching
  • Crafted fresh, original content that included series of search engine keywords and followed the Style Guide’s articulated voice


  • Conversion rates are up 50%
  • Bookings are up 40% since launch
  • Unique visits are up 9% despite the overall category being down 10%
  • Visits up 22% this year over last year
  • Page views up 47% since launch
  • Time on the site up 25% since launch
  • Bounce rates down from 46% to 37% since launch

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