Content, Distribution are Most Important to Blogs

At the recent Power of eMarketing Conference in Providence, Rhode Island, the EVG team attended a session with Chris Baggott CEO and Co-Founder of Compendium.

The session addressed the importance of blogging for companies, and more specifically how it can help attract customers via relevant content.

Baggott began the session by discussing how the first generation of bloggers mostly talked about their interests, while the second generation moved into more thoughtful blogging.

Today’s generation, he said, is the decentralization of business blogging, where content focuses on customers and employees. While blogs are a great way to disseminate content to customers, they can also function as a way to hear back from customers.

Baggott continued on with some tips for companies looking to blog:

1.    Let your employees blog. It’s a low risk, high reward way to let them feel like part of the process, and no one is closer to the people you serve than your employees.
2.    Use blogs as a channel to distribute information to and from other avenues (social media, email, website). A majority of people get to blogs through a search or social media link. This means your content is somehow relevant to their needs, but it’s important to link back to your site.
3.    Include a call to action. Try to get customers to not only share your content, but also offer feedback.
4.    Monitor your traffic on Facebook and the blog to see what information is most popular and relevant.

All of these tips are important for companies looking to start or improve their blogs. Having relevant content is the most important thing, but it’s necessary to circulate your content properly, otherwise no one is reading it. Let EVG help you improve your blog content and distribution. Contact us at by email at [email protected] or by phone at 864-241-0779.

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