Consistency and Creativity in Digital Strategy

Consistency and Creativity

Regardless of the type of industry or size of the company, a well-developed digital strategy is crucial for achieving growth. No matter what your strategy for online success might entail, there are two common denominators that must always be present. Those two are consistency and creativity.


Consistency is pertinent for establishing your brand and maintaining an effective image that people will understand and adore. Consistency contributes to a wholeness that represents the company. Individual employees will have their own ideas and values, but those of the company must stay consistent and embody the company as a whole. This is especially important online. By exhibiting high levels of consistency, your target market can become more familiar with your brand. That familiarity can help to strengthen the bond between your company and your target market and ultimately serve to increase brand loyalty.

I don’t sign up for email lists often, but when I do, I make sure I know what to expect. Whether it is the latest in politics or the newest retail deals, I’m careful to avoid signing up with brands and people that I do not know. Brands that are not clear and consistent are not purposeful and tend to fill my inbox with spam.

Consistency will help increase your market and get people on your email list and following you on social media, but creativity will get your emails read, your links clicked, and your business growing by encouraging engagement. Creativity sets your image apart from others. And above all, creativity brings a personal characteristic to the wholeness you create through your brand.


Too often, companies pass on creative opportunities out of fear of being informal or perhaps inconsistent. However, letting creativity be a part of the brand will maintain your consistency and spark the curiosity and interest of your target market.

Take for example Cards Against Humanity’s once in a lifetime sale that occurred this past Black Friday. A company that never reduces the price of its product struggled to find ways to gain recognition for Black Friday. Rather than compromising their policies, they took a unique approach in raising their price for a day where a number of companies would reduce their prices. Cards Against Humanity had originally considered publishing a $.01 off coupon, but reconsidered and gave buyers a one-time offer of paying $5.00 more. How nice of them!

An organization with no money for marketing pulled a stunt that would land them tons of press and publicity that would be a likely explanation for unexpected hikes in recent sales. The lesson here is that sometimes you need to do something a little over-the-top to get noticed. So set your team to work and don’t stifle their creativity.

Whether you are brainstorming for creative angles to take with your email campaign or creating a strategy for a humorous card game, both consistency and creativity will come in handy. Don’t stray too far, but it’s ok to be a little edgy sometimes. The key is to know your business and your audience, and be aware of your limits. And most importantly, have fun with it!

Taylor CrouchMarketing Assistant

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