Continued from Storytelling Means Earning Your Share of Popular Culture

The second video in the Coca-Cola 2020 Content series takes the idea of what Coca-Cola calls its “North Star,” the creation of “liquid” ideas aimed at increasing the company’s presence in popular culture and discusses the processes that will lead the company to this North Star.

Part two begins by recapping the Coca-Cola definition of content—“the creation of stories that are to be expressed through every possible connection.” For the company, this means that each story needs to add real value and significance to the end consumer. The mission is to create stories and ideas that are so engaging they take on a mission and life of their own.

Coca-Cola is striving to make this happen by the co-creation of stories with consumers, agencies, creatives and others. They note five ways to ensure this successful co-creation:

  • Inspire Participation Among the Very Best
  • Connect Creative Minds
  • Share Results of Their Efforts
  • Continue Development
  • Measure Success

The company identifies the need for developing big ideas that are not 30-second TV-focused ideas, but ideas that create stories that can be produced by consumers through interactive feedback and dialogue. They want to move toward a genuine collaboration with their customers. A 70/20/10 plan is laid out where 70% of the content is low risk, 20% is innovative and engages more deeply on a broad scale, and 10% of the content is high risk representing fresh ideas and new perspectives.

In revealing the process of creating “liquid content,” Coca-Cola realizes that some of their content needs simply can’t be planned for and that flexibility is a key to success. They also acknowledge that they need to be prepared to fail in pursuit of this goal and that both their successes and failures will be celebrated in this new way of thinking about content marketing.

Aubrae Wagner
VP Brand Marketing

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