What is Content?

Simply put, content is any message you send an audience. Your company is producing content all the time, whether it

How to Use the Analytics Data You Gather

You’ve spent months gathering analytics. You know how many people have viewed your site, you know your bounce rate, you’re

How Licensing Can Enhance Your Brand

What Is Licensed Content? Licensed content is content that is produced by a known (or recognized) third party editorial property

Senior Living Marketing: Boomers Continue to Break the Mold

According to the experts, 10,000 members of the Baby Boomer generation are turning 65 every day. I reached that milestone

Outsourcing Content Dos and Don’ts

You can’t always do it all. In fact, when it comes to creating content, many people don’t feel that they

Marketing to New Parents in the Digital Age

Between cookie tracking and targeted ads for online and offline shopping, it’s not uncommon for businesses to know about a

When Brands Break Trust

Trust is not an easy thing to acquire. It’s precious and fragile. Once a company builds trust around its brand,

Ethical Issues in Content and Social Media Marketing

The past two years have made it clear that what people read online has a direct impact on their lives.

Offline Shopping & Targeted Ads

It has happened to a lot of us. Whether you’re in the store on the hunt for sports apparel or