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When Do I Use Machine Translation?

Though machine translation has not yet succeeded in making human translators 100% obsolete, the technology has made — is still

[Still] The Old Guy in the Club

[Still] The Old Guy in the Club

Every day, I get to interact and collaborate with a team of extremely smart, content-savvy professionals – an A-list group,

4 Business Tips from the Baez Play

The afternoon matchup between the Pirates and Cubs began ordinarily enough. Until the top of third inning, that is. The

Social Media Best Practices & March Madness

The 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament has delivered plenty of Twitter gems and real-world examples of social media best practices

6 Free Content Marketing Tools

“So… What content marketing tools do you guys recommend?” This is a frequent question we get at EVG, whether it’s

Word Sneak: Content Marketing Edition

Word Sneak: Content Marketing Edition

Viewers who tuned in to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, November 18 were treated to a particularly

Google: Greenville is a 2014 eCity

Google: Greenville is a 2014 eCity

Greenville, SC – During a press conference this afternoon at the Dark Corner Distillery on Main Street, search giant Google

Authorship died. And it sucks, man.

Ding! Dong! The Author’s Dead! Everybody saw it coming. Still, it bothered me how unceremonious the death knell for Google

7 Reasons Content Marketing Plans Fail

With exception of the occasional social commentary piece, we spend a lot time and space on this blog discussing content