15 Unintentionally Inappropriate Domain Names

I get a ton of emails forwarded to me every day with “funny” jokes and stories and every one of them ends up in the trash before I even waste the time to open it. So I have to give special props to one of our business development specialists, Leah, who forwarded the funny list below from www.businessinsider.com. As a former creative director in the advertising industry, I constantly cautioned clients to take care when choosing a name for their company, product and/or service. As you will see below, caution should also be taken when choosing domain names…

1. Pen Island will sell you the best pens ever at penisland.net

2. You should use whorepresents.com to find a celebrity’s agent, not to buy gifts for the jezebel in your life.

3. If you don’t like your gender, it’s not worth visiting dollarsexchange.com. It’s for people looking to trade American money.

4. Dickson Data got smart and redirected their dirty-sounding url, dicksonweb.com, to dicksondata.com.

5. Choosespain.com provides pain-free Spain vacation rentals.

6. Teacherstalk.com got smart and is selling its domain name. Who will the buyer be, a community of teachers or stalkers?

7. You’ll be happy to know that therapist.com has a clinical purpose — for therapists, the people who help you work on your problems.

8. Unfortunately, this local California paper’s name doesn’t look good as a domain: wintersexpress.com

9. Who’d have thought nycanal.com had historical value?

10. speedofart.com is for art enthusiasts, not flatulent swimmers who wear those tiny suits.

11. Childrenswear.co.uk is for clothing, not fresh kids you use bad language.

12. Budget.co.ck helps you plan trips to the Cook Islands, not a find cheap partner.

13. Gotahoe.com is for Lake Tahoe tourism, not desperate men. Now it redirects to Gotahoenorth.com, which really isn’t that much better.

14. For fishermen (not perverts), there’s masterbait.com. It’d be worse if the company put its full name in the domain, Master Bait & Tackle.

15. In case you didn’t know, there’s the amigonefuneralhome.com. If you have to ask, then you’re probably a goner.

If you want to read more wildly inappropriate sounding domain names just click on the link below. If you would like to learn more about how EnVeritas Group helps clients choose strategic, and appropriate sounding domain names, then we’d love to talk at 864.241.0779 or email us at [email protected]asgroup.com.

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Christa Sorauf
Creative Director, EnVeritas Group

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