10 Mobile Apps for the Busy Marketer (Part three)

If you have not read part one and part two of the 10 Mobile Apps for the Busy Marketer trilogy, make sure you do so! The first two parts highlight apps for content creation and distribution

In this final installment of the series, I will talk about some apps that focus on the analytics side of things.  These apps will help you measure the success of your content campaigns.

  1. WordPressblog 3 pic 1

If your website or blog uses WordPress you can use this app for an overview glance at your traffic and content stats on your site. Let’s say you want to see how well a recent ad performed, you can go into this app and view how many clicks, views, visitors etc. the ad generated. Of course, there are other apps that do similar tasks, but this is one of my favorites.

  1. TripAdvisor

Depending on what industry you’re in, TripAdvisor may play a huge role in your analytics. It works especially well for the hotel and restaurant industries. I personally use this app to track reviews around my hotel properties, and restaurant clients. If you have a business listing, you can’t use this app for looking at stats just yet, but stay tuned, because apps are updated fairly regularly.

Lastly, the coolest must have future app:

  1. Junaiojunaio

This app is my favorite ever! Junaio is used for augmented reality, and 3D imaging. Check out this video that shows how magazines are using 3D imaging to display products. SO COOL! Definitely looking forward to exploring the potential of this app more thoroughly.

So now that you have completed the trilogy, I hope you will find a use for a few, or all, of these apps in your professional life! Of course, these are all based on iOS but most have versions for Android too, and these are just the top ones I use at work on my iPad or iPhone. There are a ton more that I use in my personal life, like Mint for finances, MyFitnessPal for health, Ruzzle as my entertainment, The Huffington Post for my news, Google maps for navigation, Dropbox for storage, GasBuddy for cheap gas and many more. Yes, I am the app Queen. Feel free to add your favorite apps or questions about these in the comments!

 Elizabeth Muckensturm – Social Media Coordinator

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